Japanese Lacquer ZIPPO Lighter / To collaborate with [Kawada, Echizen Lacquer Ware] / The Highest Point of Coating Materia and Lifetime Guarantee / To repaint it again and again

The movie about the manufacturing processes of Echizen lacquerware.Take some time to read in.To play the video, go to the other window.

Hand Coting ZIPPO

ZIPPO lighter is collaborated with japanese traditional arts and crafts "Kawada, Echizen Lacquer Ware". It used japanese lacquer which is called highest in quality. The ZIPPO after an polish process and cleaning process will be handed over to craftsman.The under coating, the last coat and drawing a picture, every one of them is hand made by craftsmen in each process. To repeat a process of coating and drying many times, the luster almost seems like a work of art.

Workmanship to the Lifetime Guarantee

The ZIPPO lighter is lifetime guarantee. The functional trouble is compensated for throughout the life. This system that is a reason as ZIPPO has continued from its inception. The basic structure does not change from the 1930s. It may be said that basic design is superior evidence. Mechanism is simple, and anyone can easily perform maintenance, fire doesn't go out even if the wind blows, it is right an immortal lighter.

Repaint System

The Japanese lacquer is the most suitable paint to have you enjoy to change a texture by the number of years, but the painting may be broken by unexpected fall or collision at the time of use. We established the system to provide to repair for a fee. All the repair repaint the whole because to keep a balance of color and texture. The lacquerware is repainted many times and is used carefully for a long time. Please feel the Japanese mind of take care of a thing.